I am a 44 year old woman whose breast cancer returned in August of 2015. Instead of talking about this with people in my life, I have decided to write about it anonymously.

The first time I went through breast cancer and treatment in 2011, few people knew (despite my lovely bald head). I liked not identifying with the disease. Not having people look at me with pity or sorrow. I liked going through treatment and not having people ever ask me how I was feeling as though I were more fragile than they are. We are all fragile…

I may change my mind this time around and tell everyone. For now, I am choosing to navigate this with a handful of close friends. And with you if you choose to read my blog.

UPDATE: I have started to tell people who are close to me. Most – but not all – of my family knows what I am going through. I have remained largely private about my journey though for the reasons mentioned above. At some point I may decide to lift the anonymous veil, but for now, this works for me.

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