My delicious lack of life perspective

All of the perspective I’ve gained due to cancer is gone and I couldn’t be happier…

These past two weeks I have taken things personally, gotten attached to the wrong people,  focused on what I don’t have in life and what I have not yet achieved with the anxiety of maybe never achieving those things. And I am loving every moment of it. Every pang of unfulfilled desire, of insecurity and inadequacy. Every feeling directed towards the fleeting and inconsequential.

This means that not only am I still alive but I have physically plateaued enough to mentally accommodate the mundane. I get the luxury of the human experience outside of just rebuilding and surviving day to day.

Of course ordinary human feelings don’t always feel good. Especially when they are born out of this delicious lack of life perspective most of us carry around. When we focus on the exact wrong things to fill voids. Chase those things instead of seeing and fully accepting what’s in front of us.

But the ability to go down that type of rabbit hole is a gift.

It’s also quite humbling. It levels us all, connects us in a way. It also has let me know that I have not completely evolved out of the problems I had when I pulled onto the cancer highway. There is a weird comfort in that.

Sometimes it can be exhausting to have more perspective than the average person so it is really nice to have the opportunity to know that I may not have as much as I thought.

9 thoughts on “My delicious lack of life perspective

  1. Molly, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love reading them and appreciate how they impact my life. ❤️


  2. Love Your blog! I’ve kept my stage 4 diagnosis secret from everyone except my husband for almost 3 years, you are the 1st person I’ve found that also kept it secret for awhile.
    I love this post, I so get it, I love the days where I think about my dumb 1st world problems and not cancer. In fact just tonight I was explaining where I would and wouldn’t be willing to sit when we go see Hamilton !!! Now you would think a girl with cancer would just be happy to be there!!!

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